Restoration and Conservation

The studio undertakes specialist restoration and conservation work. As projects require skilled and sensitive handling, a thorough examination is undertaken before any treatment is decided on.

The treatments carried out fall under one or more of the following headings:

  • Cleaning
  • Consolidation
  • Conservation
  • Repair and restoration

Some of the areas for consideration before a process begins are:

The age and origin of an object as these determine the colour of the gold leaf used in the restoration process.

Is the original gesso surface stable or in need of consolidation? Gesso can easily be chipped and cracked and damage can occur caused by fluctuating levels of temperature and humidity.

Whether an object can be surface cleaned safely and to what degree. Can bronze paint be removed with solvents without damaging the original gold leaf underneath?

Is the decoration on an object, particularly on carved wood frames or cast decoration made from gilders composition (a mixture of resins, adhesives and whiting)? Repairs using composition require a mould or a series of moulds to be made and a new piece of the missing decoration cast.

Gilded picture frame before restoration
Gilded picture frame after restoration